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From: Natalie Moses Smith
Date: 01 Oct 2007
Time: 01:28:36 -0500


Girls, I know you are shocked and saddened right now. But, it might be a good time to laugh through the tears. So, I will reflect... Dallas and my dad were alot alike (both having the short fuse). So, he never scared me too terribly, when he got mad. And boy, did we make him mad. The funny part is that Dallas knew what we were up to...each and every time we tried to pull a fast one. One thing I remember best is a certain time we did something really STUPID (sleeping in the car-long story!) He didn't really yell at us for staying out all night. He was just baffled at our stupidity. Once he put it into perspective, we were too! You never had to wonder what he thought, he had the backbone to tell you whether good or bad. I guess the world will be a little less exciting without him here. But at least you can cherish the good times and all the many years you had together. And I know, as strange as this sounds, ONE DAY you will be able to thank God for the way he died with no suffering, no prolonged illness, and no hospitals. I am not so sure he would have been a good patient! Huh? God Bless you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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