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Heaven's on Servers Now!

From: Price
Date: 01 Oct 2007
Time: 10:36:37 -0500


Most mornings at 5:30am I would im Dallas just to say hi. Usually I would get "Mornin Shitbird" as the reply. Dallas was difficult, sarcastic and demanding. Usually when he knew that I was not doing my best. I came to realize over the years that being cussed out by Dallas was a priviledge. Because it meant that he thought something of you. If you "didn't know where the light switch was" he did not have time for you. He taught me absolutely everything that I know about computers and a lot of what I know about running a business. I will miss him every day for so many different reasons. I am counting on him to look in on me from time to time and help me not to be a "dumbshit". I am, however, comforted knowing that my prayers will be answered much more efficiently now that heaven has servers and routers!

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