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Oh Dallas how I miss you so much!

From: Ashley - Westwind Apts
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Date: 01 Oct 2007
Time: 15:26:16 -0500


Oh Dallas, why'd you leave us so soon?? I remember whenever 'Jones, Dallas' displayed on my work caller ID.. instantly I would think 'Shit, what did I do now???' but it was usually him just congradulating me on my performance or telling me what a 'dummy' I was for not knowing something so simple. What I love about Dallas is that he was REAL with you. If you were doing great, he was the first to tell you.. if you were screwing up, he'd be the first to tell you -LOL. Back in August we had a conversation on messenger that just made my day and I admired him so much I printed the conversation out and framed it. I put it next to my bed and every morning when I would wake up I used this conversation as my motivation. I am now making a copy for my desk to keep me in line whenever I start being a 'dummy' and to remind myself of how well I am doing. He will truly be missed by this company, he was a big piece of it.. he was the heart. If any one person could fill his shoes it would definately have to be Lauren.. not sure if she can cuss us out the way her dad did but hopefully she will get there! WE LOVE YOU DALLAS!

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