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From: Donna
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Date: 01 Oct 2007
Time: 15:35:30 -0500


I remember the first time I met Dallas in the late 90's.......We commenced to cusing each other out and it was the start of something great that ended to quickly. Dallas figured out from the get go that I wasn't too computer literate and made sure I knew it! But somewhere a long the way, he figured out I wasn't to bad or he must of just thought "poor shitbird"! Over the years we gained a mutal respect for each other and the phone calls some times turned personal and made me realize he was always pushing us to do our best because he could see that in us and truely cared! I would have worried if our phone calls didn't consist of either cursing, sexual comments or politics. As I look back on the 7+ years I have worked with Dallas, I realize how far he has taken Tramor Properties. I was on the phone with him earlier of the morning he died and we were just discussing another project he was working on for Tramor. Tramor lost a great cheerleader! So I will meet you on the other side one day and I'm sure you'll have a bottle of wine and great plate of food waiting!!!! Cheers Dallas!!! Miss you, Donna

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