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From: Mario Vazquez
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Date: 01 Oct 2007
Time: 17:00:36 -0500


If I can ever connect a single word to Dallas, it's "staggering!" I heard this word so much as he was so passionate about everything that I was never able to hear this word again without hearing it in my mind coming from Dallas. If truth be told (as I saw him), Dallas was either loved or not-so-loved. There was rarely anything in between. However, if you loved him, all his imperfections were quickly overlooked. He was a generous man, of amazing intelligence, very giving and compassionate. With him, you always knew where you stood--I admired that about him very much. If he liked you, you knew it from the moment he met you. Many people make few impressions, but then there's few who make lasting impressions--that was Dallas. You might not always agree with him, but once you met Dallas, you never forgot him. I know he's in Heaven--it's the good ones that get there early, and some day we'll catch up with him and rejoice. Dallas, I will miss you, but you'll never be forgotten. The funniest memory I have is when Cassandra got married and he was spinning on the floor making everyone laugh. It was a small and intimate wedding, but with Dallas' presence, you'd think there were 300 guests! The Jones are blessed to have had him as a father, husband, and grandfather. He loved you all very much and was so proud of you. God Bless you all and we know God has a handful with Dallas next to him!

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