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The Old Man

From: David Hetherington
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Date: 05 Oct 2007
Time: 14:50:02 -0500


I first met Dallas during the sale of an apartment property in Northwest Houston. He had shown up in my office in shorts, flip-flops and an oversized knit shirt with the tail out. As everyone is aware, his personality was overwhelming (maybe overbearing is a better word) at first. Over time he warmed up and we became great friends. I can’t say he mellowed, but you always knew where you stood with him. We discovered that he was born 1 day after me and from then on he called me “Old Man” and I called him “The Kid”. We used to talk about his days with the New York Yankees Farm Club and that he sat between Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra during spring training. The most important thing in Dallas’ life was his family. I had the pleasure of working with Lauren, but I never had the chance to meet Cassandra. They were both his pride and joy. He often said that no matter what else was achieved in his life, his children were his greatest accomplishment and his greatest pride. I will miss him greatly and I want to wish his family my greatest condolences. Fondly, Remembrance David Hetherington “The Old Man”

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