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home away from home

From: Brittney
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Date: 16 Oct 2007
Time: 22:46:51 -0500


Having the Jones family move to La Jolla in the late 90's was the best thing that could have happened during my angsty teenage years. The first time I went to the Jones house, my first impression of Dallas was "wow, Lauren's Dad is hella loud and he curses! awesome!" I loved Dallas immediately, he taught me how to drink Mills Mamas, make tiramisu, turn on a computer (that was a big step for me! lol) and introduced me to some awesome music. He also gave great advice, and didn't sugar coat things. He kept it real and never gave advice that he himself hadn't experienced, and that was the greatest gift I could ask for as a teenager. The Jones house was the first place I went anytime I needed to get away from my parents (which almost weekly when you're 17 years old!) and I'm so thankful that they always took me in with open arms. I started going over to their house just to hang out with Dallas in the garage and hear his crazy stories. I will miss his generous heart and vivacious spirit, and I will definitely miss his laugh. Dallas was a great guy and I feel so blessed to have known him and the whole Jones family. So tonight I raise my glass and say, "Cheers to you Dallas!!"

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