Our company, while small brings forth an extraordinary array of talent. Using the latest in Software and Hardware we can design, implement and support large networks and integrated Web Sites. We specialize in remote connectivity. We use the latest in router technology to achieve the most cost effective remote networking to be found anywhere.

Our Web Server is a Dell 2200. It runs Windows NT 5.0 and IIS 5.0 with all the bells and whistles. The physical server has 320 mg of RAM and three 9.1 SCSI Drives. It is accessible through both a Motorola Cable Router and an Ascend Pipeline 130. The Cable Modem (connected through Road Runner) offers incredible Bandwidth and the Ascend is hooked up via a T-! through CerfNet.

Our production machines are all Dells and range from two P400's to Several other current Dell's. All offer the latest in technology and speed. This makes building and implementation an economical and efficient operation.

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