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     A man of incredible character and undeniable talent. He lived life to its fullest and appreciated all the world had to offer. Always himself in every manner and proud of what he stood for. Most importantly, one that dedicated and devoted his life to his loving family in every sense. A person that was truly indescribable and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

Wonderful father, husband, friend, companion, mentor and every ones favorite “shitbird”

We will love and remember him always.

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Comment of the Day: I love reading all the postings from everyone this is one that I read that particularly stood out to me. Even though I have never met this man but heard of him several times, I think its amazing that he could make a comment that was so perfect in describing my dads nature throughout his life. He worked very hard in all aspects of his life but always knew how to have a fabulous time doing it...if I can find the photo I will post it soon. Thanks again for all your wonderful comments and support.

"My favorite recollection of Dallas Adrian Jones can be found on page 87 of the GHS Log, 1964, as that one picture expresses his desire to work hard in every situation of life and still have time for a cold drink along the way. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends who had the pleasure of knowing him. "
Thanks to Randy Watts

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