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We have a mission! To make computing simple and usable. Click this link It will take you to our price and services page. We can service all your needs and then some. Experts in Database Connectivity and Internet/Intranet applications. We have packaged systems for almost every small to mid-size office need. Our Specialty is combining internet, intranet, and your PC into one seamless and smooth operating tool. We believe whenever you click an icon on your PC it should take you locally or all over the world and deliver your request back to you. In order to do this we have centered our expertise around the technologies that provide this seamless integration. Explore our site for examples of this integration and applications that make this so. From Active X, to Notepad, to ASP and other magic we are the leaders in this integration.

We offer the ultimate in ASP Database services and Corporate Internet/Intranet Sites.

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September 11 2001 Victims