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Action Without Borders, Inc.
Action-Critique-Médias (Acrimed)
Activists' Center for Training In Organizing and Networking (ACTION)
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Agencia Latinoamericana de Información
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Al Bawaba - The Middle East Gateway
Al Martin Raw: Secrets of Iran Contra
Alchemind Society: International Association for Cognitive Liberty
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Alternative Media Network Asia
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Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
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Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development
Asia-Pacific Network
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Asociación contra a exclusión social Komunal
Ass. Italiana Consumatori
Associació ARSIS
Association for Asian Research
Association Mondiale des Radiodiffeuseurs Communautaires
Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
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Associazione culturale I sardi
Athens-Clarke County Media Watch
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Awakened Woman Publications
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Baltic Media Centre - International Media Development
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Center for Contemporary Arts
Center for Digital Democracy
Center for Governmental Studies
Center for Media & Democracy
Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility
Center For Media Literacy
Center for Policy Studies
Center for Research on the Effects of Television
Center for Research on the Influences of Television on Children
Center for the Creative Community, Inc.
Center for War, Peace, and the News Media
Center on Blacks and the Media
Central Europe Review
Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation
Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (CADRE)
Centre for Alternative Agricultural Media
Centre for Health Policy & Strategic Studies, Lagos, Nigeria
Centre For Media Alternatives Quebec City 2001
Centre for Media Alternatives-Quebec
Centre for Media Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa
Centre for Policy Alternatives
Centre for Science and Environment
Centre for Women's Research
Centre for Youth and Social Development
Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal
Centre UNESCO de Catalunya
Centro de Periodistas de Investigación
Centro di Documentazione per Pace, Nonviolenza e Obiezione di Coscienza
Centro di Educazione Permanente alla Pace
Centro Educazione Mondialità
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Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo
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Change Links Progressive Newspaper and Community Calendar
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Childnet International
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Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
Citizens For Legitimate Government
Citizens' Media Corps
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Clary Meuser Research Network
Coalition for Global Solidarity and Social Development
Columbia Journalism Review
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Commercial Closet Association
Committee on Democratic Communications of the National Lawyers Guild
Committee to Protect Journalists
Common Cause
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Communication, Cultural and Media Studies Infobase
Communications Consortium Media Center
Communications Policy & Practice - Benton Foundation
Communications Workers of America
Community Development Library
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Companions on a journey
ComunicAcci? activistes de la comunicaci
Comunicación e Información de la Mujer
Comunicación e Información de la Mujer, AC
Conectas Human Rights
Connect for Kids
Conscius - Programa de Gestao da Consciencia
Consorzio Italiano Solidarietà
Conspiracy Digest
Conspiracy Planet: The Alternative News & History Network
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Cooperación Internacional
Corporación Somos Más
Corporate Accountability Project
Corporate Watch (UK)
Council of Canadians
Council on American-Islamic Relations
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Cultural Survival, Inc.
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Developing Countries Farm Radio Network
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Development Media Agency Trust
Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations
Dia Art Center
Diario de la Sociedad Civil de Chile
Different Voices
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Digital Promise Project
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Escola de Cultura de Pau de la UAB
Ethical Junction
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European Institute for Communication and Culture
European Journalism Centre
European Media
European Movement in Smed. Palanka
European Platform for Conflict Prevention and Transformation
European Press Network
Eurozine - the netmagazine
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Eye On TV
EYE WATCH at Convesco OY
eyecandy UCSC's journal of film and digital media
FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting)
Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social
Federación Latinoamericana de Facultades de Comunicación Social
Federation Without Television
Feed, Inc.
Feedback Media Review
Festival Mundial
Film Aid International
Film Arts Foundation
Finlands Svenska Television
First Amendment Cyber-Tribune
First Pulse Projects, Inc.
Focus on the Corporation
Foreign Policy In Focus
Foreign Policy In Focus (Interhemispheric Resource Center)
Formations Media Studies Archive
foto8 online magazine of international reportage
Foundation for American Communications
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Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power In Space
Global Visions Film Festival
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Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy
Grassroots International
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Green Left Weekly
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Green Press Pakistan
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Guardian Unlimited
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Gush Shalom - The Israeli Peace Bloc
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Hyde Park Review of Books
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ICONMEDIA: Digital Media in the Public Interest
Il Paese delle Donne
Imagen y Comunicacion-IMAGCOM
IMPACT press
In Motion Magazine
In These Times
In These Times magazine
INDE - Intercooperação e Desenvolvimento
Independent Broadcast Information Service
Independent Internet News Association
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Independent Media Center
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Independent Press Association
Independent Student Media Project
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Index on Censorship
India Social Pvt Ltd
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Information Guerrilla
Information Network of the Americas
InfoSud Press Agency
Innoversity Creative Summit
INS News
Institute for Cultural Democracy
Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law
Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society
Institute for Palestine Studies
Institute for Policy Research & Development
Institute for Public Accuracy
Institute for the Advancement of Journalism
Institute for the Studies on the Free Flow of Information
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Institute of International Visual Arts
Integrated Regional Information Network
Intellectual Property and Technology Forum at Boston College Law School
Inter American Press Association
InterAction: American Council on Voluntary International Action
Intermón Oxfam
International Alert
International Broadcasting Trust
International Center for Journalists
International Child Art Foundation
International Council of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The
International Development Department
International Development Research Centre
International Education And Resource Network- Sierra Leone
International Federation of Journalists
International Food Policy Research Institute
International Forum on Globalization
International Freedom of Expression Exchange
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
International Journal of Communications Law and Policy
International Journalist's Network
International PEN
International Press Institute
International Reporters' Network
International Reporting & Foreign Correspondents
International Socialist Review
International Women's Media Foundation
International Year of Volunteers
Internews Network, Inc.
Internews Russia
Interracial Voice
Intervention Magazine
InterWorld Radio
Isis Internacional
Isis International-Manila
Israel's Media Watch
James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism
Jamming the Media
Jayne Loader's Public Shelter: An Irreverent Journey Online
Joey Skaggs
Jornalistas da Web
Journalism and Mass Communication Educator
Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria
Journalists for Human Rights
Journalists Resource Center
Journalists' Trade Union
JP Radio Kotor
Just Think Foundation
Justicia y Paz
Kauai Individuals Uniting Cooperatively
Kauai Net
Kenya AIDS Intervention/Prevention Project Group
Kevin Harris Productions (coming soon)
Kill Your Television
Kinoeye | The fortnightly journal of film in the new Europe
KIT/NISP(v/h Ecooperation)
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Konscious Media, Inc.
Konscious Media, Inc.
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Korea Public Access Festival
Kyoto Journal - Perspectives on Asia
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La Lutta New Media Collective
Labor Beat
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Latinamerica Press/Noticias Aliadas
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
Le Monde Diplomatique
Le Monde Diplomatique/Il Manifesto
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights/Leadership Conference Education Fund
Left Business Observer
Lettera22-Associazione indipendente di giornalisti
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LiP Magazine
Listen Up!
Longwood Cyber Residency and Exhibition Program
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Los Angeles Weekly
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
M-Web Zimbabwe
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M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture
M/C Reviews
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Macedonian Institute for Media
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Madhunt Publishing Company
Madras Craft Foundation
Madreselva ONGD
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Making India Green
Making the Links Radio
Managing the Environment Locally in Sub Saharan Africa Program
Mandate the Future
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Media Island International
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Media Literacy for Prevention
Media Literacy Online Project
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Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
Media Monitors Network (MMN)
Media Rights Agenda
Media Tenor
Media Tenor South Africa - Institute for Media Analysis
Media Transparency
Media Watch
Media Workers Against War
Media Workers Against War
Media Working Group
Media Workshop New York
MediaSapiens.Centro de Alfabetización Mediática
Medios para la Paz - Colombia
Mediterranean Resources Network
Mediterranean Resources Network
Mejor Vida Corporation
Melon Farmers' Video Hits
Memphis News Bureau
Mendocino County Media Directory Online
Mercy Corps: Global Envision
Michael Hammerschlag - Essays + Articles
Micro Radio Dot Net - Emergency Broadcasting System
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Middle East Research and Information Project
Milorad Ivanovic Newsline
Missionary Service News Agency
Model Minority
Modern Media Institute
Moment of Clarity Productions
Mondo Times - The Worldwide Media Guide
Mongolian Youth Development Centre
Monthly Review
Morons Dot Org
Mother Jones online
Mothers' Union
Multinational Monitor
Musenet - the Media Union Information Society and Education Network
Music and Film Network
Narodne Novine & NTV-Nis
National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
National Arts Journalism Program
National Association of Open Channels
National Campaign for Freedom of Expression
National Centre for Advocacy Studies
National Coalition Against Censorship
National Information Services Corporation
National Institute on Media and the Family
National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association
National Press Foundation
National Radio Project
National Writers Union (U.S.)
Nausea Manifesto
Neal Moore Group
Nepal Participatory Action Network
NetAid Foundation
Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa
New America Foundation, Spectrum Policy Program
New College of California
New College of California
New Directions for News
New Humanist magazine
New Internationalist
New Mexico Media Literacy Project
New Moon Publishing
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
New York Free Media Alliance
New York Press
New York Press
Newcity Communications, Inc.
News Watch Project, Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism
News World International Ltd
Newsgrist - where spin is art
Newslink Africa Ltd
NewsTrolls, Inc.
NewsWatch Canada
Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University
Nile Basin Society
Non-governmental Organisations Coordinating Committee (NGOCC)
North Bay for KPFA Folio
Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression
Nuclear Free News
Nuovi Mondi Media
Obligation, Inc.
Observatorio da Imprensa
Oméga production / Togoinfos
On Television, Ltd.
On-Line/More Colour in the Media: The Multicultural Skyscraper
One World Broadcasting Trust
One World Photo: World's leading developing nations news wire, photography and documentary film organization
OneWorld Austria
Oneworld Multimedia
OneWorld Radio
Online Journal
Online Journalism Review
Online Policy Group, Inc.
Ontario Independant Media Center
ONU Italia
Open City Inc. RealTime
ORBICOM: The International Network of UNESCO
Organisatie van Lokale Omroepen in Nederland
Out There News
Pacific Islands News Association
Pacific Journalism Programme (USP)
Pacific Journalism Review
Pacific Media Watch
Pact, Inc
Pakistan Press Club
Pakistan Press Foundation
Pakistan Times
Palestine Mission Watch
Palestine Report - Jerusalem Media & Communications Center
Panos Institute
Panos Institute South Asia
Panos Institute West Africa
Paper Tiger Television
Partners for Media In Africa
Pax Christi Nederland
Peace Movement Aotearoa
Peaceful Action
People & the Planet
People for Better TV
People's Institute for Development and Training
People's Weekly World
Peoples Video Network - El portal de noticias en español
Periodista Digital
Periodistas Frente a la Corrupción
Periodistas Frente a la Corrupción (Journalists Against Corruption)
Pew Center for Civic Journalism
Pew Center for The People and the Press
Pew Internet & American Life Project
Philadelphia Community Access Coalition
Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
Phillips Community Television
Piggy Bank Productions
Plan International UK
Plan Nederland (vh Foster Parents)
Polarity 1
POOR Magazine Inc.
Pop & Politics
Pop Sustainability
PopMatters Media, Inc.
PopPolitics Media
Population Media Center, Inc.
Press Action
Press Institute of
Probe International
Progetto Melting Pot Europa
Progetto Mondialità
Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy
Progressive Populist
Progressive Portal
Project Censored
Project for Excellence in Journalism
Project On Media Ownership
Prometheus Radio Project
ProPoor InfoTech Centre
Public Education Network
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
Public Expertise
Public Journalism Network
Public Service Advertising Research Center
Pyara Kerketta Foundation
QuietPoly Inc
Radio 021
Radio 4 All
Radio and Television News Directors Association of Canada
Radio B92
Radio Bridge Overseas Trust
Radio Contact
Radio for Peace International
Radio Free Allston
Radio Free Nashville
Radio in London
Radio Internet Story Exchange
Radio MIR Studio Teuta - Tuzi
Radio Ohrid
Radio Progreso
Radio Rookies - a project of WNYC Radio
Radio Vat
Radio-Television News Directors Association
Real News Network
Red Pepper
Reform Magazine
Refugees Online
Regional Centre For Strategic Studies
Reliable Resources for Broadcast Political Coverage
Renaissance Universal
Reporters sans frontières
Reporting Diversity Network
Reporting the World
Review of International Social Questions
Rio de Janeiro State University
Robbie Conal's Art Attack Studios
Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education
Rock & Rap Confidential
Rock 'n' Roots Radio
Rocky Mountain Media Collective
Rocky Mountain Media Watch
Rogue Media Guild
Roma Informative Center
Roz Payne Archives-NEWSREEL Films of the l960's (USA)
RTMark, Inc.
Runningman Communications
Rural Reconstruction Nepal
Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Comparative Studies
Said It: feminist news, culture & politics
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Sarai, The New Media Inititative
SatireWire, LLC
Scenarios USA
Scottish Media Monitor
SEEMO South East Europe Media Organisation
Servicio Civil Internacional
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Singapore Internet Community
Sma' Vennel Group, Stirling
Small Press Distribution
smallVoices - Community Media in the Asia Pacific
Snowshoe Films Ltd
Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Interdisplinares da Comunicado
Society of Professional Journalists
Solidarios para el Desarrollo
Solidaritat i Comunicacio - SICOM
Solidarity of Communication Students,Taiwan
Solon Group Inc.
Sound Partners for Community Health
South End Press
South Russian Association for Media Education
Southern Africa Media Services Organisation
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre
Space Man Behave
SPEKTAR - The Association for Development of Private Broadcasting
Spiked Ltd
Spin Slap, a program of
Springfield Scene Alternative News
Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum
Sri Lanka Environmental Television Project
Statistical Assessment Service
Stay Free!
Steamshovel Press
Stichting Communicatie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking/Communication Assistance Foundationo
Stichting LokaalMondiaal
Still Pictures Photo Library
Stockholm International Water Institute
Stop TB Initiative
Stories & Texte. Das Info-Portal zu den Brennpunkten der Welt.
Story Workshop Educational Trust
Story Workshop Educational Trust
Strategic Forecasting, LLC
Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication
Suomen IPS
Swaziland Solidarity Campaign
Taking IT Global Youth Organization
TAM MONITOR / Alternative Museum
Tamilnadu Kattaikkuttu Kalai Valarchi Munnetra Sangam
Tampere Journalism Research and Development Centre
Tanzania Association of non-Governmental Organisations
Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications
tele vision Entwicklungs-und Produktions GmbH
Television Trust for the Env.
Television Trust for the Environment - Asia Pacific
Terra Nuova
The A-Infos Radio Project
The Advocacy Project
The Age
The Amateur Pundit
The American Prospect
The Black World Today
The Blanket, a journal of protest and dissent
The Bomb Project
The Brazilian
The Cat's Dream
The Center for Media Education
The Christian Science Monitor Online
The Coffee House
The Cranky Media Guy Blue Collar Commentary
The Daily Terran
The Democracy Chronicle
The Disinformation Company
The Education Policy Studies Laboratory
The European Institute for the Media
The Expert Witness Radio Show
The Farnham Film Company Ltd
The Fictional Times
The Fifth Estate
The Freedom Archives
The Gene Media Forum
The Gisborne Herald Co. Ltd
The Global Beat
The Global Beat Syndicate
the green channel
The Gully Online Magazine
The Haiti Support Group
The Hoot, Media Foundation
The Humanitus Foundation
The Hypocrisy Entertainment Network
The Independent Institute
The International Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communications
The Journalist's Toolbox
The kashmir TELEGRAPH
The Lowbrow Lowdown
The Media Center at the American Press Institute
The Media Consortium
The Merrow Report
The Modern Populist
The Monkeyfist Collective
The Movie Mom
The Multiracial Activist
The Nation magazine
The New York Observer
The News Xchange
The News Xchange
The Newspaper Guild of The Communications Workers of America
The Other Israel
The Other News
The Paper
The Poison Kitchen
The Post
The Poynter Institute
The PressWise Trust
The Progressive Review
The Progressive, Inc.
The Public i
The Raw Story
The Record
The Rhetorica Network
The Rory Peck Trust
The Smirking Chimp
The UNESCO Courier
The Village Voice
The Voice Exchange
The Walkley Foundation for Excellence in Journalism
The War in Context
The Whirled Bank Group
The WorldPaper
The Zambian project for contemporary art
Think Centre
Three Monkeys Online Magazine
Thunderbird Journalism Review
Tibet Information Network Trust
TIMES - Multi-lingual Independent Daily Web Newspaper
Together We Can Defeat Capitalism
Toward Freedom
TransCanada Free Press
Transitions Online
Transitions Online
Transnational Broadcasting Studies Journal
Transnational Foundation
TransparÛncia Brasil
Traprock Peace Center
Trojan Horse Productions Ltd
TV Barn
TV Rundown
TV-Turnoff Network
Tyndall Report
UBUNTU - World Forum of Networks
UC Berkeley Grad School of Journalism
Ufficio Ricerca Indigeni Habitat Interdipendenza
UNDP - Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme
UNESCO - Communication, Information and Informatics Sector
Unit for Media and Communications, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
United Nations Children's Fund
Univ. of Mass/Amherst Department of Communication
Unknown News
Urban Box Office
Utne Reader Online
Vereniging voor Personele Samenwerking met Ontwikkelingslanden
Virtual Activism
Vision Broadcasting Network
Voices unit of Madhyam Communications
Volontari per lo Sviluppo
VSO Nederland
Walker Art Center
War & Peace Foundation
Washington Institute for Near East Policy
We Interrupt This Message
Web Awareness: Knowing the Issues
Web Journal of Mass Communication Research
WebdaK World Culture Group
WETV Foundation
Whispered Media
White Dot
Wild Duck Review
Women's Enews
Women's Feature Service
Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press
working TV (Working Assets)
World Assembly for Human Excellence
World Assoc. for Christian Comm.
World Association of Newspapers
World Association of Press Councils (temporarily offline)
World Bank
World Press Freedom Committee
World Press Review
World Wide Fund For Nature-Pakistan
Worldview International Foundation
Worldwide Renaissance
WorldWire: Global Issues News
WOW-Women On Work
YearZero Magazine
Yellow Times
Yonge Nawe Environmental Action Group
Young Asia Television
Young European Federalists of Macedonia - Veles Organization
Youth Media
Z Magazine/ZNet
Zambia Independent Media Association
Zambia watchdog online
ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries
Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre and Network
Zimbabwe Womens Resource and Network